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ATP อธิพงษ์มอเตอร์ สามล้อสกายแล็ป Tuk Tuk Skylab

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Skylab History

The “Samlor Skylab” or “Isan Tuktuk” was invented originally by THAI inventor Mr.ATIPONG (the founder of ATIPONG MOTOR) in 1977 at UdonThani province, which located in the Northeastern part of Thailand.

“Samlor Skylab” The word “Samlor”, in Thai language means “Three Wheel”. “Sam” means “Three”. “Lor” means “Wheel”. “SkyLab” was nickname many people call this three-wheel motorized vehicle as “Samlor Skylab” because it became popular quickly among Thai people in the northeastern part of Thailand when the first US Space Laboratory Station; the Skylab, Make a Re-Entered into the earth in 1979.

The Samlor Skylab can be used for the agriculturists to transport their plantations to the market. Later, Mr.Atipong designed many new type of Samlor Skylab. With its excellent tough engine, and lower fuel consumption compare to other vehicles, Thai people apply Samlor Skylab to various usages such as carrying passengers as taxi as well as carrying Hotel guests in resort, carrying goods within the industrial factories. Samlor Skylab is truly unique and it is the way of life for people in UdonThani and people in the northeastern part of Thailand.

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